Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Top Ten, one year on.

In two weeks, the Tuesday Top Ten will be one year old. Not a bad run for a project like this, even more impressive when its me driving the clown car.

So, with that in mind, there are three options.

#1. Keep running it as is, why fix what isnt broken?
#2. Shake things up, add something new and exciting.
#3. Kill it in its prime, die young and leave a good looking corpse.

Obviously Im not going to do #3. #1 is also unlikely.

What is getting shaken up then? The first one is obvious, I mentioned it before: adding a link to the post from one year prior. This is happening.

The second one requires help. Earlier this week, Ron posted a blogger spotlight, and you know what? Id never seen this one before. It was a very good reminder that I do not see everything. There have also been a few comments about some of my choices... So, here it is: I want to start getting some outside links. Im not sure if I want to "task" volunteers to have a link to me by Tuesday morning, or if I just want to open my email box to whoever wants to send a link. Maybe a combination of the two.

So, whats in it for those who help out? The same reward I get. Your name in lights, a link to your blog from the front page, and a sense of helping out your hobby blogging community.

What do you think? Worth trying out, or should I just stick to the "Wayback Machine"? Leave a comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea that really embodies part of what FTW is all about - giving each member more exposure so that others can enjoy their blog and they can get more feedback. I say go for it! :)

Forgotmytea said...

Even though I'm not an FTW member (my blog deviates too much =P), it sounds like a great idea to keep it going and spice it up!

Dverning said...

"Id never seen this one before."
And here I've been checking regularly in hope to make the top 10... :-p (If I ever did make it, I'd be honored. But I've seen my own stuff and like your list for stuff I may not have come across.)

I approve of the "Wayback Machine" idea. Do your normal top ten and then add a "This time a year ago" with your favorite (working) link from that week.

Also, I think it would be enough to open up an e-mail box for suggestions. Just publish a "send suggestions to" at the bottom of the normal post would likely be enough. You'll probably see a bit of self-promotion in there, but there should be a slew of good links too. It also opens the door for better links to non-FTW pages. After all, we don't have a monopoly on all the good ideas.

Ryan said...

Forgotmytea: I dont limit my work to the FtW group. There is a lot of good stuff out there, from people who play other games, and I still think its worth sharing.

Dverning: Yeah, Like I said, I dont see everything, and Im glad Ron shared it. Im hoping his blogger spotlight becomes a regular feature, Im sure Ill add more that way!

Im liking the name Wayback Machine more and more as I see it! I think that might become the official title. :) My plan was to just link to the prior TTT, but just one of the posts instead has potential...

Ill have to look into an email address for the "peanut gallery" posts.

Dj Batman said...

I also like it how it's things that have caught your attention for one reason or another and so varies depending on what you've been reading/into and therefore doesn't mean anyone else's post is any less important or helpful.

I'm not sure how an email system would work due to the sheer number of emails you would have to go through. And of course everyone loves to see their name in lights and think what they do is note worthy (otherwise we wouldn't all do it)

One blog I have come across randomly that is in it's infancy but looks like a good one with pieces of art and hobby but what makes it stand out in my mind are his "Rebus" posts.

Here's his most recent one to understand what's going on.