Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stuff on my mind.

Game against DT didnt happen this past weekend, he had something come up. So, we reskeded it for Wednesday. I still havnt made a list... Ive got time tonight, I might mess with that.

Seen the new Minotaurs on the GW site? Yeah... As they look in the studio pics, Im not impressed at all.... However, I do think they could look decent with a better paint scheme. More Beast and less Man. Maybe I will get some and paint them in cow print. ;)

Got my second order from the Warstore just before the weekend, and now I need to get around to assembling the models. All I ordered was enough to fill out some units I already have, next up is adding more 'Jacks and units... Mainly Helljacks, I think.

Remember when I said Id take about a week and be out of my Warmachine fixation? Yeah, its happening now. The new Beastmen are kinda tempting, but still not enough for me. Ill be picking up their book (along with the Tyranid one) when they come out. The new Blood Angels, however, are likely going to be started... They are already on my list of Space Marine Chapters, so I am allowed! ;)

I am starting to think about the background for each of the chapters involved. Some of them dont need much. The Red Scorpions have worked with the Marines Errant before. Everyone loves the Imperial Fists. Most respect the Ultramarines. The Dark Angels will help, whether they are wanted or not, and no one knows why. Some of the others though... Im thinking Ill be doing the Blood Angels 3rd Company. I like the idea and character of Tycho, just not his (current/previous) rules... So this will be the funeral progression of Tycho. His company is fighting their way back to Baal from Armageddon, to lay their commander at rest. Gives plenty of potential for paint jobs and conversions, I think. Space Wolves are most likely going to be a "Lost Company", one of the battle forces flung across the galaxy, who wouldnt make it back to the Fang. We will see.

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slipwing said...

I have to agree with your comment on the new Minotaurs, not impressed at all. They look like giant mounds of muscles with horns. One of the worse produced minis to come from GW IMO.