Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Years 2010 Resolution Stuff

2010. Interesting number, huh? I get the feeling its going to be an interesting year as well. We will see.

So, yeah. My gaming resolutions. Ive already laid out what Im wanting to do with the ol blog, but Im not going to count them as resolutions, more as goals, so I wont ding myself if I dont hold to them. ;)

First off, actual gaming: I will try to have at least one game every two weeks, whether at the bunker, my place, or someone elses place... or even if I have to drive to the mall *shudder*.

Second up, painting, modeling, and army collection: Fantasy was going to be easy, Tomb Kings are coming up sometime this year, so I was just going to hold out for them... then I got to thinking that maybe I want to do this army or that... I still havnt decided. Whichever I choose, my goal with this army will be to have them tournament legal and ready just as quickly as finances allow. All the rest of my existing Fantasy armies are going into the box, until 2011.

For 40k, my plans are a lot more interesting. Ive mentioned that I have models from ten different Space Marine chapters on my table right now.... Yeah, you can see where this is going. "I shall build a grand army of the Imperium", to paraphrase my hero Senator Palpatine. At least ten different chapters, some Imperial Guard (Cadians, Catachan, Elysians, Kreig, Tallarn), those Grey Knights that have been in hiding for a few years, and maybe Ill pick up a few more Nuns with Guns. No specific goal as far as points or model counts or anything like that. I just want something extremely over the top. Plans are to get what I have painted first, then start adding whatever I decide I want to paint.

Warmachine/Hordes: I really do want to get back into this. Im unsure if Im going to continue with my Cryx or if I want to run a different faction... Both Cygnar and the Protectorate are appealing. Khador is not so much, they are too much sledgehammer, not enough finesse. I like my armies to be a little sneaky at least...


Deo said...

You can come up to Westminster anytime you like, I'll be glad to help you with your resolution.


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Or over to Columbia. If you've got the stones.

Ryan said...

Hah! Thanks guys, Im sure some gaming will be done! ;)

...As soon as these pesky holidays are out of the way, that is.