Monday, December 21, 2009

LARPing, Roleplay, and 40k

So, first, a link to some of the props used in a 40k LARP.

Those are extremely well done, and I am gonna prolly going to be adding these in the Top Ten tomorrow...

Now, I do a fair amount of roleplaying myself, and have even joined in a LARP a few times (not really my cup of tea though), but these concern me as far as realism/safety matters. In the two I played in, they were fantasy based in a park, one used foam weapons covered with different colors of duct tape, the other used rattan (wooden) weapons. Very little chance to mistake what these were for.

Ehh, maybe Im getting soft in my old age...

As far as roleplaying, Im in an interesting group, we play Spacemaster every two weeks, and on the off weekend we have someone else running D&D. Now, the group I am in is mostly... well, I wouldnt call them power gamers, but they do seem to enjoy the mechanics of the game more then the character and world building. Myself, on the other hand, am a character player. Rules, stats, and gear are all tools to tell a story. Makes things REALLY interesting when I run the occasional game. Most people dont care too much what their character looks like, and Im asking what their hats look like and other non-essential stuff.

Im working on a new character for the Spacemaster game, my current character is extremely one dimensional (not a surprise, I basically made a 40k Ork), and if I play this new one right, everyone will HATE him. :)

So, weekend went by and I got a bit of painting done, though not nearly as much as I could have with the snow and all. The Deathwing Terminators have their base armor color done, now its detail work for them. The Ultramarine Tactical squad got a wash of chaos black, and Im going back over them with a drybrush of UM Blue... So far its looking darker then I was expecting/planning, so I might give them another drybrush with a UM/white mix.

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