Thursday, September 17, 2009


Been kinda quiet here lately, huh? Not that Ive not had anything to say, just been keeping my mouth shut during the storm regarding the new Space Wolf codex. Some people seem to think this is the most over powered piece of crap to come out of GW *EVER*. Others seem to think its fine, no more overpowered then some others, but still pretty good. Some people are ranting about how it looks like kids with playdoh did some of the sculpts... And because I look at pretty much everything I can for the Top Ten, Ive been reading this massive storm of stuff...

You know what? Its all gotten me wanting to play a different game.

Ive dusted off my Dark Elves. The spearmen have been coated in BG metal, then given a wash of Chaos Black. I realized the black was still a little thicker then it should have been, but it looks ok... I then gave them a light drybrush of a BG metal/Chaos Black (80/20) mix. Thats where they stand now. Im planning on picking out the cloth when I get home with black, then giving it a trim of dark blue. Im not sure what else Ill get to, but Ill try to get some pics up of that tomorrow, to test out my new lightbox (yep, I finally built one!).

Looking at the list of models Ive got, I noticed I wasnt too far from having a 1k point list. So close, in fact, that adding a Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus fills it out just fine... I was planning on preordering the SW codex on the 20th, but Im thinking Im just going to take the money and pick the Morathi model up instead.

Other news... One of my co-workers is moving on to greener pastures, which means we will be short handed for a while. What this means is that Ill be working 12 hour shifts again. This is good in that Ill have a bit more cash to pick up my plastic crack. Of course I wont have the time during the week to actually do anything with it... Shouldnt have any effect on the Top Ten, I think.

Picked up the two most recent Horus Heresy books recently, and got back into where I was in the reread order: Battle for the Abyss. Finished that one up and am now working on Mechanicum again. Im probably going to be branded a heretic for saying this, but Mechanicum is the hardest book of the series for me to get through. I am always finding myself setting it down because something else has gotten my attention...

Kinda thinking about Warmachine/Hordes again. Now that I have learned Deo's secret (he is uninterested in a game until you tell him to sit down, shut up, and roll some dice), I might sneak in a "battleforce box" game next time he wanders over this way... Of course this is just in time for them to toss out V2, huh? Still, Ive got those Cygnar all painted, and a lot more Cryx that are mostly done (just the centaur thrall things needing to be finished).

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Dj Batman said...

Lol. Well that's a shame as I think the Space Wolves plastics are beautiful but I guess if it has driven your hobby for Dark Elves then its still a good thing! :D Any hobby is good hobby.

Do you have some pictures (ironic huh?)/how to for your light box?

Also stick with mechanicum. I found the same sort of problems but in the end it was worth it!

ps. Im loving your Top Tens. Think they are probably better than the letterman ones! (at least less hit and miss :D )