Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here are pics of the Dark Elves Ive been working on. I didnt get the cloth painted like Id been planning, co-worker showing up late made me get home a lot later then I was expecting.

My Red Scorpions 5th Company Commander. Currently on the shelf as he doesnt have an appropriate squad to ride with.

The Cygnar battleforce Ive gotten done so far. Surprisingly fun to paint.

Whats this? A red Thousand Son? You betcha! Eventually I will finish him and his buddies... There is a story behind me keeping the traditional 1k Sons colors, remind me to tell you sometime. ;)


Death 0F Angels said...

excelent start for the dark elves, what color are you going with for the cloth? . everything else looks cool too.

Disorderlies Tyrant said...

More grist for the mill.

Ryan said...

DoA: I was going to go with black cloth, with a blue trim. However, I painted it today, and was looking at it, and decided to leave the cloth black (with grey drybrush). I want to keep them very dark looking.