Monday, August 17, 2009

Space Hulk

You have seen this, right?

Ill be the first to admit I was never interested in these "Mystery Box" rumors... Now, I think Ill be looking at starting Blood Angels because of those terminators. >.<


Hal'jin said...

Sadly, it's totally awesome. I'd say it in other words, but I suppose I shouldn't use such language here. ;)

Why sadly? Because I can't afford it. :(

Kevin said...

Beautiful sculpts, but at $99 I don't think it's a very viable investment, sadly.

eriochrome said...

I am thinking about it. Will depend on whether I can get one through my FLGS instead of a GW store. Probably find out later today.

Ryan said...

Yeah, Id like a copy as well, but this is a bad time, financially.

Thats not stopping me from plotting and planning and looking for ways to do it though! :)

jordan said...

just ordered mine today.... they ship to ur house for free in the US so getting it delivered should not be a problem.... does any1 have a link to pics of all 11 termies i only saw 2... but in terms of investments 10 termies for 100 is wat you normally pay, so you are getting a free termy, termy librarian and some genestealers in terms of models even if you dont look at the game itself and just throw it all away.