Monday, August 17, 2009

Attention span? We dont need no stinkin' attention span!

So, lets see...

Black Legion was on the shelf, with more of them on the table to be painted.

I found the Emperor's Champion I was going to use for the Imperial Fists when they could use that model, and decided to paint him up for the Black Templars, and maybe even get some of them going.

I go digging in a box that I expected the BT terminators I have to be in, and didnt find them, but did find the Ultramarines I had been working on, and that light a pilot light in my head. Around this point, the Black Legion was boxed back up, and I put up the Smurfs in their place, along with a squad of Black Reach marines and the terminators....

Then for reasons unknown even to myself, I get to thinking about the Red Scorpions once again. Ultramarines are boxed up, and Red Scorpions are up in their place.

Thats where we stand right now. Will the Red Scorpions stay up there? Hopefully for a while, but knowing me, something different will get my attention sooner or later. Im half considering getting a marine tank this payday to work on, maybe as incentive to finish the dreadnought, tac squad and rhino still sitting there. Luckily they are fairly easy to paint.

Ive got a set of plastic space marine legs just sitting around, that Im considering using to convert into a Red Scorpions Librarian. I know he isnt a part of the battle company (which is my current goal, the full 5th company), but a recent conversation with Mikie has me considering dropping the Chaplain from the 1k list.

Mikie is of the opinion that Chaplains are cheesy. Yes, he used the "C" word. I dont see it, but rerolls for the assault squad are nice. So, in order to show that my list works even with different leadership, Im looking at either the Captain (who is slow), or a Librarian (who would be more flexible). I have to convert one, cant use one of the metal ones, for one simple reason: all the current models have bare heads. All my Scorpions will have helmets, and finding one of the older ones on eBay is a pain in the ass, either painted already or too expensive (or both), or I just cant find any.

So, my idea for that is normal legs and torso, greenstuff a tabard, toss a helmet on, and either do a hood like Ron did for Sarpedon, or fix up a plastic shoulder pad as a full hood. Maybe a mix of the two, somehow. Arms will be simple, a Black Templars power axe (converted up) and a bolt pistol, possibly with greenstuff tubes. Pretty detailed for a random idea, huh?

Mikie and I should be having a game this weekend, so Ill have to get a move on if I want to use it this time...

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