Thursday, July 30, 2009

Notes to self: Black Legion ideas

Ive been drooling over the Chaos codex ever since I dusted off the BL, and Im deciding how much of what I want to add... So, Im gonna make notes here, by FOC sections.

I have a Daemon Prince, but I think I want a second one, from the upcoming plastic kit. If its worth it, Ill add one, if not, well....

Ive got two power armored Lords and a converted termy Lord, plus a power armor Sorcerer and termy Sorc. The termy Sorc is the robed Lord from a while back (and prolly the most recent model in my BL army), so I think Ill demote both them to Terminator Champions, to cut down the number of HQ choices I have...

Abaddon... Ive got the model, and he is mostly painted, just needs to be repaired and rebased to match the current scheme. For now he will be restricted to Apocalypse scale games. Im trying to decide if Im gonna keep the existing model (which is showing its age compared to current models), or put the weapons and head on one of the new plastic termy lords.

Ive got 19-20 Chaos Terminators, so they are being split into two squads. Two dreads, and Im gonna add at least one more (the FW one).

Im gonna get 4 boxes of Possessed, as my Tzeentian faction, but also as bits for some mutant champions.

I want to add Chosen, but Im not entirely sure how Ill mark them out as special that wont make them look weird compared to the rest of the force... My terminators have red helmets, I might duplicate that...

Khorne Berserkers: Just need to add a few more models to max them out, and hey, Ive got a sprue sitting under my desk right now!

Noise Marines: I found the icon bearer from the previous squad with sonic blaster, the rest of the squad is either illegal or busted up, so Ill fix what I can, then add more to fill them out.

Plague Marines: This unit is taking a lot of thought... In the end, Im thinking Ill be mixing Chaos Marines and Warhammer Zombies with an (un)healthy dose of greenstuff.

Chaos Marines: All in all, I think Im close to having the full 6 troop choices. I need a few more special weapons, champions, and Icons, but its not too bad.

Bikers: Ive got 5 already, so 5 more isnt that much of a heart ache, and these upcoming models will be the fun ones: special weapons, champion, and Icon bearer. I think I have an old Chaos Knight lance I can give the champ to use as a power weapon/fist.

Raptors: I have 10 of the old raptors, and 5 of the new ones. I think Ill be haunting eBay for the old ones for a while, just need the bodies and backpacks, I replaced all the really hidious heads and arms with bits from the plastic sprues. Im going to also have a unit of the new models, though these will be easier to pick up.

Im half considering adding a third unit of raptors, using the wings from the Possessed sprues... but only half considering it.

Havoks: Ive got a unit with 4 heavy bolters, and Im thinking about picking up 4 of each heavy weapon choice for them... Thinking also of making a second havok squad with all special weapons, 20 CSMs running up with 4 meltaguns might be a nice distraction.

Obliterators: Ive got one in package on the desk, and another 3-4 sitting in a box somewhere. Need to find them and paint them.

A pair of Predators are ready, not sure if Ill add more, maybe one more to make things interesting.

Defilers: I have one assembled, mostly... I need to fix the damage it has suffered as being used as terrain, and paint it, then put the second one together.

I have 1 land raider ready to run, and a second one that is missing the heavy bolters, plus needs to have the painting finished.

Currently I do not own a Vindicator, but Ill prolly add one for completeness.

So, for those keeping track at home, we are looking at: 6 HQs, 7 Elite, 9 Troops, 3-4 Fast Attack, and up to 11 Heavy Support. That is a very healthy Apocalypse force.

Speaking of Apoc, Im also looking at adding one (or more) of the plastic super heavies to the list. Forge World goodies later on. If the hinting at GD-Chicago pans out, I might be adding a Warhound sooner or later...

All squads are or will be max sized, though Ill prolly not always use them that high. Ive got some rhinos for a few of my squads, but they are fairly banged up, and I might just say screw it.

Rough guesstimate for completely painted: 70%, but there is still a good amount of work needed to get it where Id like it.

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