Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Fun

Had a short weekend, due to being on swings last week, but it was full of fun stuff.

Went to DT's place for a couple games, played against some Ogres for the first game. Shot them up until they got to my side, then my warrior unit and thane met the survivors and... got chased off the table. But it was ok, the last two survivors came back on and ate a load of grapeshot.

The second game was 1k of my Crusade vs another Space Marine army. He had a pair of ten man tac squads, a five man assault squad, a five man dev squad with missile launchers, and a chaplain led assault termy squad. My list was the Librarian, two tac squads, a scout squad, a dread and a standard termy squad.

He worked on slogging over with the units without heavy weapons, and deepstriked his termies in. I lit up the termies until one and the chaplain were left, then charged in with the dread. The Librarian and my termy squad used Gate of Infinity and popped around and lit stuff up. This was also the first time I used Outflank... why didnt I ever do this before? My scouts popped in on the side and got in with his Devastators... Im definitely going to be using this list a few more times.

After these two games I watched Mikie and DT play a game of Monsterpacalypse, that looked amusing, even if it did set off my "I hate pre-painted" alarm. I had to take off a little early cuz I was expecting to go to a BBQ... that was cancelled. >.<

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