Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Top Ten #17

Decidedly Chaotic choices today, might have something to do with this idea Ive been toying with...

1. Big D has a scratchbuilt Nurgle Warhound Titan...
2. ...and a custom datasheet for it.
3. Jabberjabber talks about Noise Marines....
4. ...and Big D has converted Noise Marines to share.
5. Big Al (whats with the Big guys?) has a nice Rhino and Plague Marine squad.
6. Big Al also has a converted Slanneshi... thing.
7. John has some Vraks renegade support units painted up.
8. The Mighty Flip makes me want to watch "Falling Down" again.
9. Siph has a nice Relictors Predator up... what do you mean, thats not Chaotic?
10. Mike shows us his nicely converted mechanized Rough Rider.

So, after actually writing those up, I realized I linked Hogs of War 5 times out of the 10... I was thinking of going back and looking for something else, but decided that since they put out that much that got my attention, Im leaving it as is!


Siph_Horridus said...

My gaming buddy Pornstarjedi seems to thik my Relictors are chaotic, his boys in blue keep having a go... cheers for the compliment and mention!

Big D said...

Glad I made the list! Always awesome to see someone take notice of something that I have posted.