Thursday, May 14, 2009

My look at the new Codex:IG - Heavy Support

Yeah, this is the big one. All them luvverly tanks. Lets get into it!

Hydra Flak Tanks - These seem to be misplaced, for now at least. Not many things hit the table that AA fire would really be needed for, unless you are playing against Tau or Eldar, that is... Or even other guard with Valkeries. Still, they are pretty spiffy for shooting up bikers, though if S was 1 higher, they could really be an answer to biker forces.

Manticore - Hrm... limited ammo. 4 shots though, so you could let off fire most of the game and then use it for turn 5+ tank shocks...

Deathstrike Missile Launcher - Ummm... No. Anything with a range of 80 FEET does not need to be on the average 40k table.

Ordnance Battery - Unlike the Hellhounds (and the Leman Russ varients, to a degree), most of these work well together, well, maybe excluding the Basilisk's minimum range for indirect fire. However, most of these are about as durable as the Armored Sentinel.. oh wait, no. The Armored Sentinel isnt open topped. Ouch. They still pack some of the biggest guns, anywhere.

Leman Russ Variants - Here it is, the butter that goes on the Infantry bread. Remember what I said about the Penal Legion Squads? Well, this is the opposite, seven different tank choices. Some of these work well together, others not so much.The only varient Im not overly fond of is the Vanquisher. Sure, its AP2, but its one target. You can spend the entire game plinking at terminators and kill one a turn... or not, still BS3. "But it rolls an extra D6 against tanks!" So? the standard Russ rolls 2d6 and picks the higher. Still gotta be damn lucky against a Land Raider, but any AV 12s are likely to have a bad day... oh, and its a template shot, so if it misses, there is still a chance to splatter some hapless bystanders. The only other non-blast weapon is the Exterminator, which is twin linked. Still better... I know there is a lot against it, but the Punisher variant makes me happy, down in the part of my heart that yells DAKKADAKKADAKKA!! Ill prolly eventually end up with a squadron of these, if only for the psychological trauma it would cause to players of lightly armored armies.

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