Friday, May 15, 2009

Joining the Century Club

Well, here it is, post #100! When I started this, I expected my usual short attention span to kill it off in a week or so. Luckily it didnt. Not only did I get this far, people actually seem to look at what I post... ok, maybe its just the Monday Top Ten, but Ill take it! ;)

When I was deciding what to put here regarding the occasion, I had a flash-back to something that happened while I was stationed in Hawaii... Im going to tell part of the story, that fits with the title. The rest of the story isnt really fit for human consumption.

"So, there I was, slathered in Crisco, holding a TV remote, and wondering who stole my chihuahua... " Sorry, all good military stories have to start with something like this.

It was something resembling the weekend for us, as we were on rotating shift work, the real weekends were often worked. My roommate (we were two to a room, two rooms to a suite, sharing a single bathroom) was "away". My friends DB, DJ, and someone else came over, and brought beer. DB decided he wanted to do the "60 minutes" (60 shots of beer in an hour). So we ordered pizza while he started. Somewhere between 20 and 30 the pizza arrived. He was doing good. Around 50 he started getting silly, but kept going. He made 60 minutes just fine. That was when he decided to join the "Century Club" by going on to 100... He was eating pizza and taking breaks to do his shots, while the rest of us talked and played on my Playstation. Around 65-70 he started acting drunk... about 75-80, he decided that my bathroom walls needed a fresh coat of regurgitated pizza paint, at which point he ran out of the room and started making an ass of himself. DJ followed him out, while I cleaned up. He didnt finish the 100 shots, but there were more "events" that night that means Ive got a story to share for YEARS to come. :)

And now for something 40k related: Im half considering adding a 4th chapter to the mix of my crusade, and sadly enough its not one Ive already got models for. Thats actually in my favor, since Im thinking of getting some magnets and making them "plug and play", with all sorts of weapon options... I havnt decided who its going to be, but Ive been considering the Black Templars...


Kristin said...

Aw come on! You *have* to add the part about him deciding the welcome mats were dessert!!

Ryan said...

No, no. That part of the story only gets REALLY good with my comment that was MOST DEFINETLY not PC.

Kristin said...

since when are you concerned w/ being PC?

Ryan said...

On here? I keep it very clean.