Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Top Ten #10

Here it is, tenth post of this run! 101 (or is it 102?) links shared so far, many more to go!

1. A while back, Lone Pilgrim made a point based painting system... but that link is older then a week, so Ill link Equinox's change made to the system!
2. Morkai has a Pre-Heresy Kharn, very nice conversion!
3. Klaus' greenstuff work is great, and he gives tips!
4. Have you seen Cannonfodder's Tau Skyray?
5. Bulwark talks about using hot salt for conversions...
6. ...And Grey Death talks about using it for weathering.
7. Chris has a Nurgle Sorcerer in the works...
8. ...And Darksol shares tactical info on the Space Marine Librarian.
9. Ron shares tips on wet-blending paints.
10. And finally: a little bit of the "IG Fever" from Paul.

Once again, these are only in the order I got around to putting them on the list, no real reason to read into it if the link is #1 or #10. Thanks to everyone for so many amazing posts, cutting the week's list down to just ten is always difficult, but fun!


Sigmar said...

I really like this concept, thanks for sharing. How do you find your links, is it through surfing to new found sites through the blog network or do you have a fixed list of blogs/websites you return to frequently ?

Nice Work,
my Warhammer Fantasy blog
my Battle reports hub
my new Sea-based WFB Army list

Ryan said...

Thanks! Ive got about 160ish blogs on my google reader, and Im always looking for more, and any of them that has something that catches my eye is a potential addition. About two weeks back I did a post called "Behind Monday's Top Ten" that goes through the entire process... Its a lot easier then it looks! ;)