Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday Gaming wrap up...

Mike came over this afternoon, and we had our little bash... Several years ago Id played against one too many Space Wolf Rhino Rushes, and swore Id never play against the Sons of Russ again. Ever. Time heals many wounds, and Id figured I was ok, two editions later. Well, after that 500 point game a little while back I was wondering... Today was 2000 points, a blue and white line against the darkness.

Mikie had some difficulties with arithmetic at first, and was short a few points (something like 160), so we decided to allow him to add in the points after turn one, but they had to come in as reserves. He ended up with a pair of wolf guard battle leaders, an iron priest, a rune priest, a large blood claw pack, a pair of grey hunter packs, some jump packers, a long fang pack, a predator, and a dreadnought. My list is two entries down. ;)

Turn one started off with my predator turning his into a nice and toasty fireball, and every heavy weapon that could draw LoS to the bloodclaws doing so... Turn two was those bloodclaws, along with the iron priest and WGBL, running off the table, and his dread charging my terminators... My turn three was my command squad taking apart a unit of grey hunters and the termies breaking his dreadnought. His turn three was him conceding. I lost three models over the entire game...

It felt good to finally tear the Space Wolves a new one, though games that are over that quick usually leave me feeling sort of guilty.

Dont forget to pop smoke, that 4+ cover for a razorback can save it!

Look at the table after deployment, and before turn one, make sure you know what units your opponent brought to the table... I didnt notice the Long Fangs in the tower until they wrecked my Razorback's twin lascannons.

Land Raider Crusaders are vicious. Even at range they can lay down a respectable amount of fire.

Err... If you are planning on shooting your enemy to bits, dont block off LoS completely...

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jabberjabber said...

A very wise lesson about not blocking your own line of sight - I think everyone has made that mistake on more than one occasion!