Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday Gaming

Vacation is over, back to work!

Mikie and I threw down again this weekend, a pair of 2000 point Fantasy games. Still Tomb Kings against Skaven. I stuck with my list for the most part, just swapping out the Cloak of the Dunes on my heirophant for a sword on the Tomb King. He was still looking for the feel of the Skaven, and tried a few different lists. I won the first game, but Im not too sure what to call the second one. I realistically only had a single unit left, but there was next to nothing he could really do about that unit.

I also finally added a bit more terrain, in the form of a pair of styrofoam hills. Ill need to paint them up soon...


Tomb Guard led by the Tomb King, and equipped with the Banner of the Undying Legion are HARD. These guys took a flank charge from a rat swarm and a frontal charge from Stormvermin, then another frontal charge (after the stormies fled), and were still kicking ass at the end of the game.

S4/T4 is a lot more special in fantasy then it is in 40k. A lot more useful too.

Cloak of the Dunes was wasted previously, but would have been moderately useful in this weekends first game... and would have saved my Heirophant in the second game.

Archers and hills make for great friends.

The Bone Giant was a lot more useful this time around, and Relentless Assault is a lot of fun!

I now have a special hatred for Gutter Runner Tunneling Teams. I might have to get a tomb scorpion to return the favor.

Im trying to decide if I should ditch the king for a prince, and upgrade the heirophant for a high priest. I never have enough spells to do all that I need to do...

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