Monday, March 30, 2009

Doing the army shuffle...

Im rethinking some armies, rebuilding projects, and looking ahead tonight.

Imperial Army - Im gonna consolidate the two projects back into a single project I think. It was an amusing idea, but I dont really have the motivation to do anything with it. My current plan (this week! ;D) is to finish what I am working on with the Space Marines, assemble my Imperial Guard and paint them up too. Eventually I want to add an order of Sisters of Battle (prolly the Order of the Bloody Rose), and some Grey Knights... and maybe even an Inquisitor or two! But additions are down the road.

Main plans are Red Scorpion, Imperial Fist, and Marines Errant forces finished up to complete battle companies, and have at least one of every entry in the codex painted. After the IG codex is out, Ill be working on my Cadian 42nd (because 42 is the answer!).

Army of the Dark Gods - This will be the dark mirror of the Imperial Army project. Lots of Chaos Marines, working under the banner of Abaddon (but that doesnt mean Ill be using him!). Ill add some traitor guardsmen to the mix, and hope that GW eventually realizes that people would like to see the LatD list resurface. Daemons will also be involved, but this project is waiting in line behind everything else for now.

Main plans are to fix my Black Legion models, and probably expand on them and The Purge. I havnt really decided where I want to go with them from there, but Im half thinking a second traitor legion will be contributing troops...

The Walking Dead - This is my Fantasy project. Currently its my Tomb Kings, but I want to work up a Vampire Counts force... I had an idea a while back to do a "Historical Carstein" army. The idea was that Id have about 5k worth of models, with large games being led either by Vlad or Manfred, while smaller games would be led by Konrad, or maybe Manfred the Acolyte. This would be the first time Ive actually built an army around special characters. One of the ideas I was playing with was the whole army of Sylvania thing... having the dead, and playing around with the Empire list as well, for the living occupants of those evil lands.

Main plans here are to finish painting the Tomb Kings, expand them to 3000 points, and create a playable 500 or 1000 point list for the Vampire Counts... and eventually decide if Im going to do the Sylvanian Empire list.

Eventually I want to do a second Fantasy project, but Im not sure what it will be. Maybe if I dont do the Sylvanian Empire, Ill do my Akhaz Boki Dwarfs with Empire allies...

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