Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Top 10 #4

'Ere we go again!

1. John gives tips for the care and feeding of your paints.
2. Ron helps with the cleaning of your brushes.
3. Alvin goes step by step with a new plastic Nob.
4. Gahris gives tips for dealing with decals.
5. Siam gives tips and tactics for Eldar Rangers.
6. Adam talks about the Thousand Sons, a legion that always interested me.
7. Eek's Vulkan Hestan is very well done!
8. Peter shares a safety tip... and I think we all know someone who has a hobby related scar or two (me being one in this case, about a dozen stitches in my left hand at one point!)
9. Tips and pics of objectives from Siph.
10. Im not really a fan of "how to paint" videos, but Paul reviews a few of them for us!

And, since I had a difficult time saying no to this one, but couldnt say it was really useful, a comedy bonus from Ranillon!

Im really thinking I need to up the number on this, I had about a half dozen others I pruned off, like some pics of Raptors Space Marines and a decent Telion conversion.


Derina said...

the eldar one is not there.

Derina said...

link to eldar not working or it has been removed.

Ryan said...

Ahh, well, these links are over a year old, so I guess its expected that some of them have gone away... :(