Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another dose of random fun

Lets see, where to start....

So, my office has put up its webfilter again. Doesnt stop me from visiting most Warhammer related sites... in fact, the only ones Ive noticed are TWF, The Warstore, and CMON. What it does do, however, is filter the pictures from the blogs that store them elsewhere. Bleh. The other thing it does, thats a lot more annoying, is prevent me from commenting on other blogs... or even on my own. So, if I want to reply to someone, I have to do it from home. Damn the Man!

Ive been slowly assembling the Red Scorpion tactical squad, and still havnt gotten the assault squad box I need yet. Once I do, that 1250 list will just need painting... which will have to wait until it warms up. Spraying in 30-40 degree weather is not much of a good idea.

Ive been forced to hold off on painting an APC for the BoLS Badab contest, the wife forgot I was planning on that and made a purchase without talking to me first. I might still get it on the 1st, but three or four days for assembly and painting probably wont be long enough.

Ive got that army of blue and white Space Marines, over 2k worth. Ive long been torn between calling them the Marines Errant or a home brewed chapter named the Angels of Purity. Today I finally decided I need to go one way or the other with them. Im going with the Marines Errant. My main reasons are that they have some decent fluff already (fought in the Badab War, just had most of their geneseed stolen by Huron Blackheart), their chapter badge looks fairly easy to paint (I hate decals, but was going to use one for their badge), and in fluff they fought on the same side as the Red Scorpions. The RS might be leery of being on the same battlefield as these guys, but I dont think they would have much problem if it were a case of "we will take this city, you go take that one, beer at your place when done."

Mikie and I have been trying to get a game together for about two weeks now, 2250, his Dark Angel/Witch Hunter alliance against a force Im not mentioning, since Im an evil ass, and going to surprise him. Hopefully we will get our act together and get the game done this weekend.

Keith, Mikie and I are still talking about a campaign, sorta... but Keith is possibly going on a 6 month working "vacation" pretty soon, so who knows. We still havnt really hashed out a good format for running it... Im seriously thinking that we will be waiting until the rumored Mighty Empires 40k comes out.

Today while poking around my desk I came across some Space Wolves, four wolf guard and a limited edition wolf priest... scratch that, two of the limited edition wolf priests. One on base, and one still in blister pack. I started these as an excuse to go crazy making wolf pelts out of green stuff, and Ive got to say that after 4-5 years of them sitting around, Im still happy with how it turned out. Maybe Ill add them to the crusade eventually.

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