Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Death Guard Fire Raptor

So, yeah... this guy. Pain in the sack to paint, and a few things I am still not happy with. But, it matches my force, and is "good enough for now". 

What I really learned from this model is that I REALLY can not paint a straight line. Getting that green stripe across the middle took far longer than it should have. Looked like I was painting on a water bed, and I was sober while doing it! That'll learn me! ;)

The "glass" canopy was another pain. I decided that I have no desire to show off the pilot, so painted over it. Plan was to gloss coat it, to make it look kinda like glass... well, the gloss coat dried with lumpy streaks. :-/


Siph_Horridus said...

Looks brilliant mate. Well done, nice to get a large piece off he To-Do pile

Ryan C said...

Yeah, was happy to finish it. Funnily, I built and painted it over three days or so... after it sitting in it's bag for about a year!