Friday, January 6, 2017

Heretical Ramblings 01

There we go, was waiting for the new year to restart the numbering. ;)

I was off work this week, burning the last of my vacation time for 2016. Pretty productive week, too!

I was pointed at a nifty tool, that I completely went overboard with., if you want to go look.

A quick screen snip, and where a picture is worth a thousand words or something. I put the unit in whatever spot it belongs, and when it progresses, I move it closer to Done. Hopefully it helps me have a higher finish rate than last year...

So, it hasnt all been playing on the computer, I also managed to build stuff! My first two units for my Tzeentch force for Age of Sigmar. I do have another unit of Knights, and two Chaos Chariots to build, which along with the Sorcerer on Manticore should bring be close enough to 1000 points.

Right, back to building stuff!

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