Friday, December 23, 2016

The Year of Tzeentch

I am not known for my army stability. At All. Now, I have toyed with the idea of sticking with a single faction for a full year before, but always laughed it off. Well, Ol' Bear mentioned trying to stick with a faction on Twitter a few months back, and the idea... stuck. Maybe this was the time to try?

So, us Fn'A guys talked it over, and we all decided to make 2017 a year where we each picked a faction in a game, and tried to stick to just that (only when we play that game, other games are still fair game!). Kev is working on Union for Guild Ball. Bear is sticking with the Stormcast Eternals for Age of Sigmar. Even Marc is getting in, and painting a team for Guild Ball.

And myself? (Hint: look at the blog post title.) I decided to overdo it. Like usual. A full Year of Tzeentch, in both 40k and AoS. Fortuitous timing, right? Hehehe! So, the basic plan is Tzeentchian Chaos Space Marines, and Tzeentch Arcanites. And Daemons. And Tzaangors to go either way. And... Yeah, this still has the potential to get silly. Here is my thinking on each game so far...

40k: Thousand Sons have already been started, as everyone has seen. Buuuuut I have some ideas I REALLY want to build, that just dont fit the "All is Dust" theme, so Ill probably have an allied renegade Tzeentchian warband, to catch all these misfits. And then there are the Tzeentch daemons that I will be collecting and painting, because daemon summoning. *cough*

Age of Sigmar: Arcanites are the obvious place to start (and finish), but you just can't eat just one. Or something. I think the easiest way to go will be to limit myself to whatever is in the new Disciples of Tzeentch book.

And since I am an over achiever... Shut up back there... Yeah, Ive gotten a head start on things.

So, here is Ahriman, waiting for some paint...

And here is an Exalted Sorcerer, and a Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord, and... Ahriman?!?

Which brings us to the Horus Heresy... I have a second Legion force all built and primed white. The plan was to paint them as Imperial Fists... but I havnt done that yet. They are all generic MkIV models from Betrayal at Calth. I also have a set from Burning of Prospero still waiting to be built. With the Year of Tzeentch, I am seriously tempted to change my plans and go for the XVth Legion instead. The biggest thing keeping me from just doing it, is that locally, we are very short on Loyalist legion players.

We will see what happens...

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