Friday, December 9, 2016

Back in the groove and Heretical Ramblings

Getting back into the blog thing. Finally. Thanks all for you patience, it may or may not be rewarded! (Probably not).

As of writing, I have photo posts scheduled through MAY, and planning on many more once I get my Bloodbound and Ghar photos sorted out.

So, while I am trying to catch up again, I figured Id share some models that HAVEN'T been seen here before.... An Age of Sigmar Lord of Plagues I painted up a little while back. Haven't fully committed to a Rotbringers force... yet. ;)

What I have committed to, though, is a new Thousand Sons army. More about that commitment later... But for now, I assembled a unit of Rubricae this week...

I decided to base them with the AoS Shattered Dominion bases, figured that was good for the Planet of the Sorcerers. Plan was to paint them without bolters in the way... well, plans change... They are currently primed, and expecting to get the first layer of paint not too long after I get off work.

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