Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wargaming Rules

Been a while, huh? Cant say I forgot or anything. I just didnt feel like posting. Maybe Ill pick it back up. Or maybe not.

So, post I feel like writing? Not what you are probably thinking. While rules are involved, I am more focusing on my rules for collecting models in a particular system. I figured a while back that the easiest way to contain my "Hobby ADD" was to let it run wild. Yes, this will make sense.

I came up with a few rules, meant to keep me on track, and keep me from blowing money all over on models Id only half paint before getting distracted and moving on. Well, Im still doing that, but at least they are all reasonably themed, so I can use them together.

Easiest example is what I decided on for 40k. I play the Imperium. The way army selection works now, this is a great way to keep a varied force for painting, and for gaming. Ive got Knights. Ive got Mechanicus. Ive got Space Marines. Ive... started working on Imperial Guard. Heh. Sadly, Ive been in a bit of a 40k rut for a while. Simply lost interest in favor of 30k...

Second example would be 30k. Close but not quite what we get for 40k, with army selection being tied to previous editions of 40k. Still, I play the Death Guard Legion, and am allowed to make with allies as I like. So, a Knight, and trying to work in Mechanicum. Night Lords were there first, but count as allies now. I can also add other Legions if/when I feel like it. The reason I was a lot tighter for this system was cost. Ordering from Forge World gets spendy quick. So, I added the caveat of "if they go plastic, reconsider". Well....

The other big set I had specific rules on was Warmachine/Hordes. Tried to keep it all in faction, decided to open it up a bit. Playing Cygnar, Circle, and Farrow, but building 35pt theme forces for which ever caster/warlock I go with. Between the variety of themes available, Ill eventually get a bit of everything, and can "borrow" to go higher if needed.

Now, what about Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar? Yeah... For the past few editions allies were not really a thing, not in any significant manner. Then End Times hit, and suddenly you could build something new and exciting. Then they tore that up and said "play what you like". Gotta say, between that and round bases, Ive got a supercharged interest in the Fantasy side again. My rules for WHFB were "Add to your armies. Maybe something new if you really like it?" Last army I did was my Undead Legion. Before that, starter Skaven force. So, now Ive got Goretide in the works. Im painting Hallowed Knights. Ive got an old Ogre army, and a large chunk of Undead. Ive even picked up a decently sized Skaven force. And Ive got ideas. So many ideas. Im going to really need to lay down a new rule here, before I go a little too crazy.

Knee jerk idea for restriction is one Grand Alliance, but that doesnt really work, as I have armies from all the Grand Alliances. Well, Ogres are kinda dead in the water, and have been for a while. That clears Destruction. Undeath? Well, I might just push them off on my brother, so he can play with something of his own. Leaves Order and Chaos. On the Order side, I have Stormcast Eternals, and no interest in any of the other forces (until they redesign them, perhaps?). Chaos, oh Chaos. Love the Goretide. Very interested in doing something fun for Nurgle. Skaven can go anywhere, working for anyone. Ive got Plague Monks. Ive got Stormvermin. Clanrats all over the place. Beastmen fall in the same boat, adding variety (and cheaper bodies!) to the more influential forces.

So, I know where my loyalties appear to lay. What am I to do? Well, think Ill say my WH/AoS hobby rule is now Chaos Grand Alliance, with special exception for the Stormcast Eternals available to the Hallowed Knights. Why the Hallowed Knights caveat? I fully expect them to get special characters, and perhaps some unique units eventually. This way, I wont be trying to paint a dozen different Stormhosts. And dont think I didnt already consider that! ;)

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