Friday, July 10, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #16

Big news is Age of Sigmar! Yay! Wait, no real new news lately. Hrm. New book next week, lots of pics of Stormcast Eternals units and assorted terrain. New icon on the Chaos Wheel has everyone crapping kittens, but I am 90% certain that it is a variant of Slannesh's mark.

PP has new Kromac and Farrow Warlords catching my eye. More stuff I need to work on...

I bought Deathfire tonight, going to start reading that as soon as I finish writing this up. ;)

Hobby & Gaming-
No games, but since Im getting my copy of AoS tomorrow, well, Im sure SOMETHING will get played soon.

Only painting done was that Stormcast Eternal Liberator, that I showed Tuesday. Ive since repainted the hammer head to match the armor. Was very not happy with how it looked. Still telling myself Im not starting that army. I think even I have stopped listening to myself....

Little different this time. Assuming I paint the Stormcast in the AoS box like I did my freeby, how would I paint the Dracoth (Dragon beast mount)? Bluish steel armor is the main, so a gold (Maybe light brown, maybe orange?) might contrast best, but Im kinda thinking dark red instead. Problem there is confusion when matched up with the Khorne models from the same set. Ideas?


docbungle said...

Black skin for the draon thingy

Ryan C said...

That would work, kinda hesitant to do that though. Thinking I want to play with some new colors.