Friday, July 3, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #15

Another wander through my week...


Age of Sigmar leaks are in full flow, and so is the Nerdrage. Seriously, so much nerdrage...

I am personally very excited about this edition... oh wait, we are calling it a new game now, right? Whichever. Some stuff is still unclear, but Im willing to wait for full disclosure before flying the Jolly Rodger.

Hobby & Gaming-

As shown earlier this week, Ive got a unit of Death Guard Tactical marines on the table, they have gotten their white finished, and I need to move on to the green shoulders, and all the metal bits.

I also took a break and moved the Undead characters I have onto 32mm bases (proper bases, not extended 25mms).

I like how it looks. I did this for the FW Wight King BSB, a Liche Priest, a plastic Necromancer, and a plastic Tomb King. The latter two actually were a bit of a pain, as they have the molded bases. I ended up clipping the sides off their bases, gluing that onto the larger base, then using greenstuff to fill the gaps. Once I decide how Ill be finishing the bases for this army, Ill take care of the rest.

All the troops are (currently) staying on square bases, but since nothing is based or primed, I still have the option to change things up.


Those following me on Twitter know Ive been bouncing this idea for most of the week now.

Pick a Chaos God. Devise an appropriate color scheme. Apply said color scheme to the relevant Daemons, Chaos Warriors, and Chaos Marines. Perhaps add the appropriate 30k Legion too.

So, example. Start with Khorne, get some Bloodletters. Add in the Goretide force from AoS (All round bases now, important!), add in a Khorne Daemonkin warband of your choosing, painted to match the daemons and Goretide. Very thematic collection for your shelf/display case, right? Add in some 30k World Eaters too (you know they will get daemons soon enough).

Biggest reason I havnt already gotten a bunch of Bloodletters? Id rather play Nurgle. ;)

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