Friday, June 12, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #12

Remembered to post over my vacation time, somehow!


Just the final breath before Codex Space Marines is out, will be rushing to the shop for that later today or early tomorrow!

Got my pre-order in for Reckoning, as well as the Theme Forces book, next weekend I think. Lots of reading coming up!

Age of Sigmar is confirmed, but no real facts are out about what exactly it really is. Still in "wait and see" mode.

My copy of Tempest (book five of the Horus Heresy series) arrived this week, once again a very good read, and giving me all sorts of ideas for another new 30k force...

Hobby & Gaming-

Mortarion and my Cygnar still languish in their half-prepared states, but I added something new to my collection...

No, I havnt forgotten my House Hodagi knight, but the Eye of Horus and dead loyalist parts didnt strike me as something I should use with my Storm Fists all that often, so....

As far as gaming, I got in two games with Robert this past week, both 40k. My Skitarii (and Knight Errant) vs Tyranids the first game, and (with Knight Crusader) against his Flesh Tearers the second. Both very fun, and very indicative of just how brutal Knights can be (and also of how fragile).


Bit of a hobby idea/tip this week, rather than a theme suggestion. The carapace of the Imperial Knight kit has a hole through it, where you can plug in whichever of the new missile pods or autocannons you desire. I stuck a magnet to the underside of the carapace, and drilled a hole into the peg on the weapons. I then cut a tiny bit of paper clip and glued into that hollowed out peg. Easily magnetized weapons!

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