Friday, May 15, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #9

Woo, last single digit Heretical Ramblings! Party! ...or something.

Let's see, what is new and shiny? Hmm. New plastic Stormclad and Reliant kit for Cygnar, I like the look of those, will see about picking one or more up, down the line a bit.

I bought the new Imperial Knights book last weekend, and am torn between working more on Hodagi, or maybe doing up a House for 40k to go with my Storm Fists. We will see.

The AdMech stuff is trickling up on the webstore now. Robots and servitors, and half-naked tattooed fanatics. So far, I have to say I am under-inspired here. I don't think they are bad, just not what Ive been waiting for. Maybe I just need more, better pics.

Ive gotten a bit more work on Mortarion done, about to start with some green crud on the bronze, then moving on to the iron areas. Also working on the Skitarii Vanguard, their metal bits are mostly done, next up is all the cloth bits.

No gaming this past week, but might get something this weekend. Maybe. Hopefully. C'mon, Ive got new red & black d6s to use for my Skitarii!

Idea for this week is actually what I am planning on doing for my House Hodagi Knights. As Ive said before, the Errant I have now is supposed to be a Junior Knight, newly elevated. However, any that I add after will be veterans, and will have the full markings, symbols, and accoutrements of their house.

Feral Knights - Imperial Knights, with pelts and trophies from their monster kills, and chains of the skulls of their worthy victims. Not intended to be "chaotic" or evil, just more regressed than average. I have seen a few Space Wolf themed Knights that are close to my idea, but still seem to push the "noble savage" idea, rather than the simply savage.


Before I call it done, a request for feedback! Ive been sticking with a News/Gaming & Painting/Idea format so far, but is there any ideas or suggestions on making this more interesting? Should I label the sections? Come up with a format for my ideas? Stop stealing from Bear? (Never happen, his pocket keeps my hand warm!)


Rory Priest said...

I would recommend more of a visual element to help break up the walls of text.

docbungle said...

stop stealing for the the bear!!!

Poor bear

Ryan C said...

Rory: Good idea, Ill see what I can sort out.

Bear: Screw that, your pockets are WARM! :D