Friday, April 24, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #6

News this week, there was some! Let's start off with that Total War: Warhammer trailer, since EVERYONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Trailer was pretty. Am I interested in the game itself? Nope. Id rather paint my models. ;)

That Assassins game from GW was spoiled. Assassin models are pretty cool, but really don't like the trend of trying to show models "in action" by including scenery on the base, or worse yet as part of the model itself. Im looking at you, Eversor. Am I going to get this game? Nope. Not a fan of "bored" games at all. Ill see about getting the assassins if/when GW releases them on their own.

Rumors are flowing hot and heavy about the Cults of Mars and new Imperial Knights. Only sounds like two main types of priest currently, hopefully they have more of the "Enginseer" type lined up. Maybe in the full AdMech book, whenever it may appear. Im hoping these Knight rumors pan out, I had fun with my first one, and would like to do another soon.

Privateer showed of Major Prime Haley, and Im getting the itch to work on Cygnar some more. Toying with the idea of painting "Modern" normally, but "Past" and "Future"as blue glows, kinda like Star Wars.

Havnt done much painting recently, though I did get all 1,000pts of my Skitarii assembled, as you saw on Wednesday. Since then, Ive started work on the base and lower portion of the Onager, with plans to get those two done and glued together so I can use the model in a game, which brings me to....

Didnt get any games this past week, but I have a 1000pt game of 40k against the brother tonight, Skitarii against Orks. He was threatening to build some Meganobs for the game, but looks like he decided against actually working. List I have built and will be using looks like:

10 Vanguard
10 Rangers
5 Ruststalkers
5 Infiltrators
1 Dragoon
1 Onager

No idea what he will bring, beyond a lot of boys and probably a Nobs unit, but sure Ill be outnumbered by at least 2-1.

Rather than my usual "fun ideas", this week Im looking at how I want to expand my Skitarii up to 1500pts. Current plan is adding my Knight Errant, an additional two Dragoons to the unit, and a few relics, though I might go with a second Onager, or maybe fill out my Ruststalkers unit to 10. Not going to decide until I get them all painted.

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