Friday, April 17, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #5

Another week, another Ramble!

Rumors are in flow, mostly about Eldar. The ones I care about, though, are the Age of Darkness bits. Nothing really new and exciting on that side though, so meh.

Picked up the starter of my Skitarii army on Saturday, two boxes of small infantry, two of larger, and a Chickenwalker. Getting an Onager this weekend, and will have a full Maniple formation. My original plan was to paint them as being from the Metalica Forge World, however, after some chin-scratching, I decided to go with Forge World Gersi, ally to Knight House Hodagi, and servant to the Death Guard Legion. Locally, we decided that until we hear otherwise, we are treating the AdMech books as being equivalent to the Mechanicum faction in 30k. Besides, its not like they are going to totally ignore the possibility of bringing the "light" Skitarii into 30k.

As far as gaming, the brother and I played 1000pts of 40k last weekend, Orks against Storm Fists. I used the basic codex variant of my Dark Angels list (2 tac, Captain, Librarian, bikes, terminators), and lost only due to his getting First Blood.

Should be recording a new episode of Flock and Awe later today, I think. I know Bear is planning a rant on GW, this should be interesting...

New, fun army ideas for this week? Well, Im going to leave that up to you, just with the suggestion/idea of using AdMech as Mechanicum in 30k...

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docbungle said...

I want to positive, but we are all allowed one rant a year.

Except Marc he is allowed to be positive once a year.