Friday, April 10, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #4

Been a slack-tastic week on the hobby front. At least on the wargaming hobby front. I did manage to read the first 51 issues of Batman Eternal this week. ;)

The Skitarii releases are winding down, only the Onager remains for this book's cycle, and I am finally starting to admit defeat on starting them. Of course, rather than going with the easy/logical route and theming them towards the Imperial force I already have, I am thinking of starting a new, fully themed Imperial army. Maybe even stealing part (or more) of Bear's idea that I shared a few weeks ago. Never easy.

Hobby work has been limited to me doing the trench-works basing on a unit of Long Gunners. I intended on at least priming the Terminators, but the rain had something to say about that.

No games this week, not even against my brother. We just sat and talked this past weekend. Might get a game this coming weekend. Hopefully.

So, silly hobby idea? This is where I am looking right now, but there are a few variations possible...

Basic idea: Space Marine Chapter, with local PDF/Guardsmen support, allied with Skitarii from Forge World X, and their allied Knight Household.
-Ultramarines, with Ultramar IG regiments, Metalica Skitarii, and House Raven Knights. Go with stone and snow bases.
-Iron Hands, with descendants of the Chainveil, Forge World and Knights of the Stryken System (11 houses!).
-Salamanders, with Catachan, and... Uhh, not sure there. Least formed option here, but I am thinking lava bases.

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