Friday, March 27, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #2

Welcome back. I think.

This week has been pretty eventful with the news. GW is releasing Skitarii (had to double check spelling, I keep messing that one up!). I am obviously very interested in this army, but am holding off until I can get the book in hand before I buy anything. Ok, I might get a box of infantry for painting ideas. Maybe. Not sure if I want to restart my Imperial Crusade idea for 40k, or wait until they get worked into 30k (as we all know they will).

I initially threw money at Kickstarter for Mantic's new Deadzone box set, but then realized I wouldnt be seeing anything until January.... and well, I am impatient. I dont play the delayed gratification game very well. So, I dropped out. Ill just get it in store when released. I might have stayed in if it were a new company with a new game, but this is established. Not a concern that they will make it here.

Trying to get my brother into WarmaHordes, so far he seems to really like the Protectorate of Menoth faction. And would you look at that, the 35pt box just came out! ...and appears to be sold out everywhere already. Bah!

Painting this week, I slapped the first few layers of skin/fur onto two Gun Boars and a War Hog, but then got distracted by the Lancer. Now, I am working on Stryker. We will see what I finish over the weekend.

Up until now, Ive been posting pics of painted models on Thursdays, but with my Heretical Ramblings now going up on Friday, I am considering shifting those to earlier in the week. Maybe Tuesday. We will see.

So, collected army ideas for this week... Pretty tame on this front, for once. The one big one is a mix of an idea from Doc Bungle and my own original plans for the Storm Fists.

-AdMech Skitarii are on the hunt for a rumored scrap of STC information. They are being supported by Space Marines and/or Militarum Tempestus Scions. A varied and potentially very colorful force there, right?

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docbungle said...

You forgot to mention the Knight as well for the group. Got to have aknight ;)