Monday, October 27, 2014

Extra Life 2014 Wrap-up

This weekend, the Disorderlies and I did our part for Extra Life, helping to raise money for various children's medical centers across the country. 24 hours of gaming, and our team raised over $2600 for our local Johns Hopkins Children's Center. As I write this, I am physically exhausted, but with a warm fuzzy feeling right where my soul would be, if I hadnt sold it to that Damien guy years back.

I wonder what he ever did with it...


Games played: 1500pts of 30k Death Guard vs Rob's early riser Necrons (Tie).
35pts of eKaya's Circle force vs Mike's Thagrosh (I lost).
5-way Deadzone learner game (I might have had a chance at a win).
Some World of Darkness RP. My character ended up as a Ghoul or thrall or something... but he was still moving at the end of the game, unlike the rest of the crew.
MtG card games. I got stomped. Hard.
Spartacus the board game, I won after an indecently quick game.
We tried starting Rune Wars (board game, I think), but that fell apart due to low brain juice.
Cards Against Humanity. I came in second with 12 (Mike won with 15).
We started Ancient Terrible Things, but my eyes crossed, and I woke up on the couch a little while later.
Came back to Zombie Dice.
And wrapped up with Zombies Keep Out. Discovered that that first bite token doesnt really matter when we were all exhausted at slurring our speech anyways.

As a reminder, they are still accepting donations for the rest of the year, so if you havnt donated yet and want to, it will still count! Just visit this shiny link, and help make some kids healthy!

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