Friday, September 5, 2014

The Dig

Captain Sylon was enjoying the view. Rare was the day when he was permitted to make a planet drop into an uncontested area, and even rarer was he allowed to sit guard duty with almost no chance of combat. The Space Marines were shock troops, and always either in the fiercest of conflicts, or traveling to their next mission.

For now, however, the Third Company of the Storm Fists were enjoying the peace and quiet of this secluded valley, as their Techmarine brothers ran scanners over every inch of ground. According to records they had appropriated, an unknown Chapter had fought around this area, and had taken significant casualties, many years prior. Sylon did not know if they would find anything useful here, but was determined to give his investigating brothers as much time as they needed.

An abrupt shout from up the hill drew the attention of several brothers. Sylon jogged up the hill, hearts beginning to beat with excitement. The Techmarine was fiddling with his scanner, apparently trying for a more detailed report. "Brother, we have a significant item here, roughly the mass of a Land Raider, but irregularly shaped. Current depth of 32.8 meters is consistent with expected erosion rates for this particular landscape over the intervening five thousand thirty-eight years. Digging servitors and a Techno-exorcism team have been summoned."

As Sylon returned to his watch post, he was in good spirits. The Chapter might, or might not recover a missing piece of their history, but they were definitely adding a new weapon to their arsenal.

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