Thursday, November 21, 2013

Storm Fists and the Deathwatch

Many Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes provide warriors to the Deathwatch. Often these warriors serve for a mission, or a set term of service, acting as the Ordo Xenos' chamber militant. Some few even continue their service indefinitely.

The Storm Fists follow this honored tradition, but with their own twist: Any Storm Fists Space Marine that is selected and wishes to join the 1st Company must complete a tour of duty with the Deathwatch. On the surface, this seems simple enough to understand, the Chapter wants the finest killers as their honored veterans. Nothing prepares a Space Marine quite like being one of only a few warriors against an entire planet of hostile Xenos, with a specific mission to accomplish.

Of course, the truth is slightly different. The Storm Fists are extremely diligent in their search for their lost history, leaving no stone unturned, including sending their brothers to ferret out legends and tales from other Chapters they may have fought with (or even against!) in the hidden past. These warriors are scattered across the galaxy, serving with many different Space Marines, from many different Chapters.

So far, this tactic has paid out well, as the Storm Fists have several leads for prior battlefields to investigate...

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TheGraveMind said...

A cool bit of fluff. I feel the limitation might keep the 1st company at a dangerously low rate. I don't know how active/rate of turn over the deathwatch have. I feel the requirement might be better placed for captains and the such.