Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 in review, 2013 in the headlights

Been a quiet year on the ol' blog, huh? Posted some pictures, talked about my armies, and even posted a bit of (crappy) fanfic. The table was a bit more active though. Ill go through by system, hopefully I wont miss anything...

Oh, and before we get started, you do know my TwitPic folder has a LOT more pics then what I post here on the blog, right?

40k: This year was primarily the year of the Tyranid, I managed to collect and paint a 1500 point army. I also continued work on my Red Scorpions, they are down to a single Assault Squad, and a few Rhino/backs until the company is complete. Ive been working on those Dark Vengeance Dark Angels and Chaos Marines as well, but they are not nearly close to being prepared for anything.

Ive also bounced some half-assed projects around: some Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, and maybe that Dark Angels and Chaos Horde project from a while back, havnt really decided on that yet. There were also a TON of projects that never had models purchased for them.

WHFB: Fantasy didnt get nearly as much love. I did some work on my Ogres, but not as much as I could/should have. I also dusted off my Warriors of Chaos box, and did a bit more with them, but nothing too exciting.

This year, I did not start any new WHFB armies. Im starting to think Im moving on from this game, or maybe there was nothing that really grabbed my attention...

WM/H: More work was done here, this year. My Circle Orboros project was started and continues unabated. The collection is about half painted at this point, and I only need to buy a few more things to finish. On the Warmachine side, my Cryx are nearly all painted, only Rengrave and a Warwitch Siren remain. Im not entirely sure what my goal with this faction is. I might try to go "all the theme forces" like the Circle.

As far as other games... I didnt start any. I looked at Malifaux, but none of the factions jumped out at me, saying I had to start them. Same for Infinity. Dust Tactics and Dystopian Legions are interesting, but break my "No Alt History Games" rule.

Think that is about it for this year... Going to try to hammer out ideas for 2013, for my next post.


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Perhaps if you PLAYED some of the other games you might feel hooked.

How many games of 40k and Warmachine/Hordes did you get in this year?`

Ryan C said...

Haha, good point.

Played probably less then 10 overall. Been a bad year for that, need to get out and roll dice some more.