Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beginnings of the Sevenfold Sword

The past few weeks or so have been an insightful look into the way my mind works. Especially if you have been following my "progress" on Twitter.

As EVERYONE knows, the Horus Heresy series was announced by Forge World (finally), and like many others, I went Heresy-crazy. The mere mention of a Mortarion model got me going overtime, and Id decided to drop all other GW projects in favor of a proper XIV Legion force.

Long story short, sanity managed to get a stay of execution, and I am sitting on my Heresy Era Death Guard army for now. So, in the mean time, Im going back to my Chaos Horde idea. I decided (again, finally) that if I couldnt do the Death Guard of 10,000 years ago, Id do the Death Guard of today.

Since the current sculpts are still crap, I will be going with the Forge World conversion kits (now, why did I decide against Heresy era again?). I plan to use these for anything that can (and will) take the Mark of Nurgle. Obviously my plans are still somewhat vague, as I wont have my book for a few more days.

One thing I am sure on, is that I need to get some Plague Bearers. I want to mix up banner toppers, and have a few parts laying around for conversions. Im thinking Ill be getting a few boxes this weekend, as the beginning of my allied force...

More info as I decide on it! ;)

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