Friday, August 31, 2012

Project write up/Brain wander

Been a while since I did a meandering brain dump post, huh? Sorry, time to end that. ;)

Lets see, starting off, I have 4 purchases between now and the end of October, all already approved by the wife. Dark Vengeance (which is already on its way), the new Chaos Space Marines book, the Hordes 2-Player set, and a WoldWrath.

So, lets start with 40k. The Tyranids were a practice army. "Could I paint a horde, with a reasonable color scheme, and stay sane?" Could, and did, sorta. So, now I take what I learned, and apply it to my next two projects. Yes, two. Before I decided on Tyranids, I was torn between a list of other armies, which Im sure Ive listed before. Two of the armies that I kept looking back at are now in the starter set, so I am saying Screw It, and starting both Dark Angels and Chaos.

The Dark Angels are the simpler of my two ideas, basically a typical Company Strike Force, with support. Thinking about going 60/40 with mixing robes and non-robed models. I LOVE the robed models, but dont want to rule out adding some pre-heresy style armor. Not sure how far Ill go with it, as it will be competing for resources with my SUPER CRAZY CHAOS HORDE!

Chaos... the army idea is, well, chaotic. Basically, its three armies, each of which can be taken as allies for the other two. Chaos Marines, Chaos Daemons, and Traitor IG. The problem with this idea, is which Legion? Reasonable plan would be to wait til the book comes out and decide then, but you dont apply reason to Chaos!

My original idea was the Death Guard, Mono-Nurgle Daemons, and Catachans with "jungle rot" (I even figured an easy way to convert!). I was also tempted to do the same, but with a Khornate theme. But then the first DV sneak peak pics started floating around, about the time I was reading The First Heretic, and, well, you saw the pic of the Chaos Lord. 

I really like the Word Bearer version, but there are a few small problems with it. First, I am a completionist, and will have to have ALL THE DAEMONS! Going with a single Chaos God cuts the number of units Ill be looking at down by 75%. Happy wallet! Second problem (which is something shared with the Khorne version of the army), is Im not sure how to make appropriate themed Traitor Guard. Slapping Chaos stars on Cadians is all well and good, but doesnt really scream religious fanatics to me. Depending on how they are packaged, I might go with Chaos Cultist models as the IG, but that seems more appropriate for the Khorne list. Ill have to look around for alternate models...

As for the Hordes side, my Circle Orboros project continues unabated! ...wait, did I post here about my Circle Orboros project? Quick look says I didnt. Huh, whoops. Ok! So, my project is to have a Tier 4 Theme list for every Circle Warlock (remember where I said I was a completionist?). Somewhat ambitious, but not insane. How far am I? I need 3 Warlock models, 2 Warbeasts, 5 units, and 2 solo models. Not too bad at all. Oh, and that 2-Player set knocks out a good chunk of that. Big trick to this type of project is to pick models and units that can fill gaps in multiple lists. Currently, my collection is about half painted. Might have to go back and take some more pics of them now...

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daemonkin said...

So we are almost in the same boat. My first army was DAngels so I have some nostalgia there. Have always loved and have a large basis of Thousand Sons so the chosen will fit in well. I am starting down the Hordes path with Circle and the griffon is on it's way. Just waiting to order the battle box and split it with a friend.