Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Hobby Update Thing #14

Alrighty, painting was done! I intended to include pictures, but didnt get any done, and Im writing this at the last minute at work. Whoops.

Ogres - First unit of Bulls have their flesh, pants, and metals done. Im currently in the middle of painting the leather stuff.

Khador - I finally primed the remainder of my Khador models, after a game I played on Thursday night. 35 pts, against a friend of the Disorderly Tyrant named Timothy who played Thornfall Alliance with Lord Carver. Fun game, almost pulled off a win, but poor target selection and leaving an easy path to Sorscha cost me. My list was:

2 Destroyers
2 Juggernauts
3 Man-O-War Shock Troops

Lastly, Ive been painting the hides of my Circle battlegroup. Im actually really liking how they are turning out, and am considering expanding these after I finish the battle box.

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