Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Hobby Update Thing #10

Woo, ten of these so far, yay!

This week was more active then last week, but then Id have to be in a coma to do less then last week.

I assembled all my models from the 2-Player Battle Box, and managed to get the Protectorate models primed. The Khador models are still sitting in their bare plastic. Both sets are now on the book shelf, awaiting my finishing up with Cryx.

As far as the desk, and the shelf overlooking it? Cleaned. The Red Scorpions are in their carry case. The Grey Knights and all other models are boxed and in the storage room. Trying to limit myself to a single army on the table for now.

My Cryx have received a new carry case (Sabol, for those interested), and all the completed models are packed away. The unfinished, however, are in line for a paint job. I also picked out a few that I need to fix up somehow... and knocked the Bile Thralls out already. Since all they needed was a bit of gloss varnish on the slime from their guns, it was an easy job. That just leaves 16 models to go. Most just need to be finished, but there are a few that are sitting in their primer (Rengrave!).

So, what about my plan for next week, and my Red Scorpions? Dunno, we will see how long til I get bored again! ;)

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

I haven't been into fig carry cases before but have decided to properly sore my figs for an upcoming house move - which fig cases do you prefer and why?