Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Hobby Wrap Up

So, attempting to motivate myself a bit more here, going to post a weekly wrap up each week. We will see if I make it past this first one! The plan is to write it up as soon as I finish the Top Ten.

So, this week I worked on Cryx. I got Lich Lord Asphyxious and the Withershadow Combine, and they are primed and metalled up. Gaspy's base is also painted green now.

I also (finally) got my Wraith Engine assembled, aside from the end of its tail, which is still in transit from PP's bit replacement service.

Lastly, I made an order from the Warstore: Scaverous, Erebus (upgrade kit + plastic helljack), and a pair of Necrotechs. The order arrived Wednesday afternoon, and I have assembled Erebus and the Necrotechs. I really enjoyed working with the plastic Helljack kit, and am thinking I will need a few more of them. I started work on Scaverous, but only got as far as fixing his base. Really going to need to pin him.

I am driving back up to the Frozen North this weekend, and will be bringing the battleforce boxes that Ive not assembled yet (Skorne, Circle, Khador) and assembling them if I have time.

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