Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten #118

Almost had an off day again today, but I managed to get some time to do it after all!

Been a while since Ive done a double play, huh? See you next week!


Krisken said...

I'm honored to be listed amongst such great blogs! Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Err, I was saying I love the Corsairs Dread and the Valk's.

Everyone's entries are great though, always makes me want to improve with my Khorne and Red Scorps as much as I can.

Another top class Tuesday Top Ten

D'nyarak said...

Thanks for the shout out Ryan!

Always enjoy the top-ten and seeing (or re-seeing) some of your favorites of the week.

Ryan said...

Thanks all, as I always say, thank YOU for posting such awesome stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Bit late to the party but the red corsairs dread is mine while the IG stuff is done by a friend of mine (Marshall)! Glad to see it's all appreciated! Good work from everyone!