Friday, June 24, 2011

My Warma-Hordes plans

With the release of Wrath, I (like many others) have had my attention dragged back to the Iron Kingdoms. Within the past week or so, Ive finished painting every Cryxian model I own. I also got a few games in last weekend against Allen and Deo (only one was Warmachine, though).

Cryx is my preferred faction, love me some necro-tech badness. However, I actually like nearly every faction, and looking through the books stirs my Gamer's ADD in ways 40k never has. Its been a struggle to not wander to every faction. Just three of them... So far. Aside from about 100pts of Cryx, I picked up the Cygnar box a long while back, and earlier this year I added the Protectorate battle box to my collection. Ive had my eye on other factions though, and might be sweet talking the wife into not killing me for spending money next week.

I was telling Allen during our game that I love the Battle Boxes, and would like to collect them all, just so I could swap out whenever I felt like it, or have something that a new person could try out. What is stopping me? Well, there is only one more official one that I need for Warmachine, and I am putting off the Hordes ones until they get re-released in plastic (they are coming in plastic, right?).

So, Khador is out, and Ive not gotten it yet. Since the announcement of the two player box set, it seems pointless to pick the battle box up, Ill just get the two player and have all the other extra goodies as well. However, there were two more done previously for Mercs (Magnus and the Dwarves), and there is an "unofficially official" box for the Retribution. Im probably going to pick up the Angry Elves next week, and see if I can catch the Mercs boxes on eBay...

And if Privateer decides to not redo the Hordes sets in plastic? Well, I will likely pick up each set aside from the Skorne. No idea why, but that is the only faction I actively dislike.


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

I don't think Privateer has officially said either way if they are doing plastic starters for Hordes.

but I imagine they probably will. at some point.

I would love a game but I'm in packing/moving hell presently. Once I am in the new place (not until late September, probably) it is SO on.

HuronBH said...

Yeah, I got the same feeling from Wrath. I pulled my Khador stuff out and started scheming about what I would need to update them with new models and some of the new plastic warjacks. I am a bit of a Man-O-War nut or at least I was in the past and visions of plastic Shocktroopers and the new ones both coming in September have me making plans with in plans. I wonder if this will be the PP Plastic Renaissance like Black Reach was for 40k and I'll be able to pick up plastic Man-O-war off ebay for half or less the cost... hmm...

Ryan said...

DT: It would make sense for them to... Let me know when, its been too long (my fault, I didnt keep up).

Huron: Im sure you will be able to get them for a song.