Monday, May 16, 2011

Current Projects.

Lets see, I think the last time I posted about my projects, I was working on the minimum FOC requirements for each of the Chapters in my Crusade. Of course, this being me, such a plan couldnt last that long.

So, what is the current plan? Red Scorpions and Grey Knights.

My Red Scorpions 5th Company are sitting at 50 completed models, 30 half painted models, and 15 unassembled models. Which means I need 10 models (plus 3 rhino-backs, and 1 dreadnought) to finish my battle company. One biker squad should do it. I just need to get some more Red Scorpion bits from Forge World before diving back into assembly mode.

My Grey Knights had their list published earlier this week, so I wont repeat it. However, the plan for them will end up looking like 4 Terminator Squads, 2 Strike Squads, 1 Interceptor Squad, and 3 Purgation squads. Plus other stuff. I would like to finish the Red Scorpions first, we will see how that works out...

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