Friday, March 4, 2011

Resurgence of the Crusade

So, yeah, I apparently got bored, and snapped a few pics of my remaining Space Marine armies. Lets just move down the line, shall we?

First up, my Marines Errant. For a while, I was calling them the Angels of Purity, before I remembered/was reminded that there was a Chapter with this color scheme. I prefer this Chapter anyways, since they were involved in the Badab War, alongside the Red Scorpions.

The Imperial Fists. Working on these guys is why I have such high respect for anyone who actually completes yellow models.

My "other" Chapters. Dark Angels, Black Templars, Silver Skulls, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, and a single Space Wolf. Im not at the point to take a #Warmonger pledge to not buy any new models, but I do want to get them finished before I add much more, after the 30 Day Challenge, that is.

Speaking of, you will notice no pics of the Red Scorpions here. That was because I was too lazy to pull them out of the travel case after last weekends game. Ill get pics of them up, soon enough.

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Silar Lannanaris said...

Hope you have enough time to enter this competition
Can't wait to see more pictures of your badab forces especially the scorpions. Also glad to see your back on the 40k party train after the burn out.