Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everything you can do, Cryx does just as well!

Time for a bit of weekend fun. I was reading my Cryx book the other night, and realized that they stole something, or can do something as well or better then all the other factions in Warmachine/Hordes! This is all tongue-in-cheek... or would be, if Asphyxious had cheeks... or a tongue. I think a jawbone would help too.

Legion of Everblight: You remember what they say about the copy not being as great as the original? Yeah...

Trollbloods: Trollkin? Yep, we got them. Nasty buggers just wont die, no matter how many times we fumigate. Worse then roaches.

Circle Oroboros: We stole one of your Warlocks, and are not giving him back!

Skorne: I had to think about this one. Skorne torture bodies to make slaves? Our Cephelyx
make slaves through BRAIN SURGERY!

Cygnar: You built the arc node. We perfected its use (on damn near every bonejack!).

Khador: Hey look, cheap, expendable infantry! We got that too, and we can build even more (likely out of yours!).

Protectorate of Menoth: You love Menoth, then you die. We love Turok, then we die, then we love Turok even more.

Retribution of Scyrah: Yep, stole one of your Warcasters too! We might want to give this one back, though.

I might have to do another one of these later, Ive got a few more lined up. :)


Von said...

Piffle. Come back to me when your RNG stats don't top out at 14 with no access to Snipe or similar, you don't need debuffs to actually hit anything, over half your choices are variations on 'single wound melee infantry' and you can't access over half the mercenary options in the game. :p

Ryan said...

Range? Lets see, with our plethora of arc nodes, Gaspy can toss Hellfire up to 24 inches away, and he isnt the only one...

Most of my living troops are fairly decent against their appropriate targets (other living troops).

Single wound infantry? You mean just like every other faction out there? Only, we dont get human, human, human. There is some fun variation there....

And if I wanted Mercs, I would have started a Merc force.