Saturday, December 25, 2010

Does it suck? Helldiver

So, Ive decided to try something new and exciting. No, not kilts.

I see PLENTY of blog posts saying that Unit X is awesome, Character Y sucks, and Army List Z is an ill-conceived abortion. Such posts rarely seem useful to me, but then, maybe that is just me. So, I decided I am going to try something slightly different.

I am trying to build a decent Cryxian force, and Ive been tripping over a few things that make me ask "Why?"... Such as this beauty. So, what I plan to do is to dedicate a post to different things, and ask how they fit into the Cryx force as a whole, and into my specific army.

Pic "borrowed" from Privateer Press.

What is it: Cryx Helldiver.

What do I see good? This little sucker has slightly higher armor and a few more armor boxes then the TurkeyJacks, and is the cheapest bonejack in the list. Its Burrow ability makes it very survivable, just pop it off the table at the end of your turn, and your opponent will rarely have a means of doing anything to it (aside from swamping its marker with bodies).

What do I see bad? No Arc Node. Isnt that the whole point of bonejacks? Burrow is also something of a double edged sword. If your opponent cant attack this 'jack, what will he attack? Id much rather have something beating on this little turkey then on my Warcaster. Its Jaws attack is on par with a Deathripper's Mandible, just without the sustained attack, or any other cool ability.

How would I use it in a game? Im not entirely sure on this one. I like the turkeys because they fill double duty. They have a chance to kill things, and I can channel spells through them. This guy can... hide. Maybe as a sacrificial blocker.

Do I think it fits into my army? Seeing as I am planning on running Asphyxious as much as I can, not really. Its the Arc Node problem. I want as many as I can get. Id say maybe if I had three points to throw away, but the likelihood of that is pretty small.

So, this is the fun part, now I want people to either tell me I hit the nail on the head or (more likely) that I am missing something essential. Which is it?


Death 0F Angels said...

They are cheap threat. Burrow makes them pretty much invulnerable but it takes a lot of manuevering to get them anywhere they will be effective, mainly the back field.

Ryan said...

Yeah, pretty much what I thought.