Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paint Brushes Pt1

Confession: I am rough on my brushes. Like, paint all over in the bristles, left in the water for hours (or even days!) on end, and not left end up in the brush holder very often. I also dont swap out my water often enough. Once every 2-3 months or so.

Its amazing that I can paint as well as I do, given the tools at my disposal. So, when I read about brush soap (quite a while back, Ill admit) I was interested. I finally got off my butt and started looking for it a few weeks ago... Michael's didnt have it, kinda surprised me. Hobby Works didnt have it, and when I asked, I got: "The only paint brush soap I know of is "Joy (dish soap)""...

So, I went online. Looking for "brush soap" was a bit of a disaster, so I went back to my reader, and found out it is called Masters Brush Soap. That made the search easier. So, being the slacker I am, I went to the first place that I saw, and ordered a pair of the midsized cans/tins/whatever... And I waited.

I checked my bank every day for a week, and yet they didnt charge me. I started wondering if the order got "mishapped". So, I sent an email, and within a few hours I got a reply saying they had been waiting for a shipment, and that my order should arrive in Maryland by Thursday! (And yes, they charged my account right after that!) So, now I am sitting here hoping to get to work on cleaning my brushes this weekend.

My plan is to get some "before and after" pictures of the brushes, and maybe I will even post them! ;)


Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

I've got some tips that might help, here:

An Enemy said...

Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver works great. Really easy to use as well.

Just a drop of water in the soap...lather onto the brush and then work into a drop of water resting in the palm of your hand. Repeat until desired results are met.

Josh said...

I'm the same with my brushes. I'm surprised you didn't find any brush soap at Michaels. Unfortunately I work full time at a Michaels and my store is where I get my brushes etc... I bought some soap a while back, cleaned my brushes once and it's been a while since. I think about it from time to time though. Heh. :)

Ryan said...

I think it was just this Michaels that I went to, it seemed a bit smaller then usual, and I was too lazy to go to another one.