Thursday, September 9, 2010

Links and Stuff

Lets see.. First some link sharing. I like to think I am among the first to promote healthy competition, so here is the newest contender in the Top "N" lists, from Brent and Lauby over at House of Paincakes.

Weekly Top X

They are not sticking to a particular number, just what seems to fit. I also REALLY like their banter format, so much nicer then my brief blurbs.

Also up, Inquisitor Lord Aki has been putting together a "40k News, Rumors, and Stuff You Shouldn't Miss" list. I think he has put a few of them out, but dont quote me on that...

40k News, Rumors, and Stuff You Shouldn't Miss

Go. Read. Enjoy. COMMENT! (Trust me, comments make doing the next list so much easier!)

Lets see, rambling stuff... Went to the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker over the weekend, stood around for three hours while everyone else gamed, couldnt find anyone who "didnt bring an army", or "is waiting for someone else", and finally got bored and left. Kinda left me in a 40k funk. Bleh. Havnt pulled out my Red Scorpions since, but kinda toying with an idea for some Night Lords from before or during the Heresy, using the Blood Angels codex. We will see.

On the Fantasy side, Ive not really touched my Empire in a while, much to the surprise of no one who knows me. Those new High Elves are looking pretty sexy however, especially the Phoenix Guard. My biggest complaint about the models before was how they looked like they were wearing miniskirts. Not an issue any longer!

Other news: Ive burnt out my 5th or 6th video card on my desktop, and rather then throwing money at it like before, I am saying screw it. With how often this has happened, we are thinking its either a power supply issue, or a motherboard issue. One is a cheap fix, the other not, but I would have to get another video card on top of it either way. So, I am sharing computers with the Wife. This promises to be an adventure!

Oh, TRotS? Probably tomorrow. Maybe.

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