Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Rest of the Story #7

A lot earlier then last week! I must say that I am enjoying the freedom to post this when (or even if!) I feel like it.


Hal'jin said...

Hm, seems I need to push my Wolves a little bit, they keep almost making the cut! ;)

Ryan said...

Well, in some cases (mainly with Space Marines), I cut some just because there are too many. This past one, for example, I had cut the list down to twelve and realized there were seven Space Marine posts still... So, two got cut right there.

Really, I could probably make two Top Ten lists each week: Space Marines, and The Rest. Its really easy for me to see that they are GW's goose laying golden eggs.

Muskie said...

Where is the CSM and Ork love? Of course since I mostly paint Chaos and Orks... ;-)